Monday 14 October 2013

Anne Frank Exhibition

70 years ago, Anne Frank, the German Jewish teenager, was sent into hiding in occupied Amsterdam during World War II and was inspired her to write an account of this time in her famous “Diary of a Young Girl”.  This autumn Dublin City Public Libraries will host a free Anne Frank (+ you) multimedia exhibition presenting the short and tragic life of Anne Frank and the messages which will resonate with audiences today. 

Starting from Anne Frank’s writings and experiences, the exhibition is a journey of self exploration for the visitor. Themes that Anne wrote about in her diary, such as racial hatred, war and conflict and the value of democracy and freedom, are presented in an up to date and contemporary fashion, along with filmed interviews with young people discussing their own views, concerns and hopes for the future. At the heart of the exhibition is an almost life size replica of Anne’s bedroom in the secret annexe. There is also an accompanying film called “The Short Life of Anne Frank” and an opportunity to sign the world famous Anne Frank Declaration.  The exhibition is recommended for adults and children (aged 10 plus) so more for your middle munchkins.  It runs from 23rd October - 11th December 2013.  It will be on view at Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street.  There are many editions of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ and other relevant material in Dublin Libraries. Children and adults who are members of the Dublin City Public Libraries are invited to bring along their library tickets to borrow books from the library.

Anne Frank and You Exhibition Logo

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