Monday, 23 September 2013

Rathfarnham Castle Park

Rathfarnham Castle Park is another great place in South Dublin to visit if you have not been already.  The castle itself dates back to the Elizabethan period and the OPW have done a great job refurbishing a good part of it.  We got a guided tour of it a while back and the kids loved it.  The Castle is currently hosting a 10 year exhibition of 18th and 19th period costumes, dolls and toys from the Berkeley Collection, which is also worth a dip into.  There is a really fab playground, which is managed by South Dublin County Castle, on the grounds of the castle and there is also a wooden playground hidden in the lovely woods of the grounds over by the pond.    The Stuart and Chambers Tearooms in the Castle itself is a nice place to pop into for a cuppa or an ice-cream if you have had the legs run off you at the park! 

Rathfarnham Castle 

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