Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dublin City Council: National Play Day 2013

‘National Playday’ is an annual event to promote play and encourage communities throughout the country to organise energetic and health-focused play activities in their own cities, neighbourhoods, streets, parks and open spaces. 

Dublin City Council celebrated ‘National Playday’ on Sunday 7th July in Merrion Square Park from 2-5pm in what they hoped would be a fun filled, messy, active and imaginative event!

It was another event we kept meaning to go to and at long last we made it this year.  There was a load of things for the kids to do. Lots of tennis rackets, lacross sticks (I think!), Frisbees, giant balls, rugby balls, giant connect four games, lego, toys etc lying around waiting to be played with.  Messy stuff too like painting, play doh. Organised activities as well like games, dancing, pass the parcel.  

As well as ‘National Playday’ local communities can take the initiative to host Playdays any day throughout the year by making time for play using simple ideas, materials and equipment to provide a variety of play opportunities for children and young people in their local area.  

Dublin City Council: National Play Day 2013

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