Saturday, 3 May 2014


Ireland’s BioBlitz brings together scientists and recorders in a race against time to see how many species can be recorded in a 24-hour biological survey of four of Ireland’s heritage sites. The public is invited to observe the activities, to interact with the recorders and to participate in the range of other activities arranged by the host venues. By pitting the four venues against each other, it will bring an added dimension to the event, allowing comparisons to be made between the sites, and to gain further insights into the relative biological richness of the different habitats.

Ireland’s BioBlitz is designed to increase public awareness of the variety of life in Ireland and to highlight some of the ecological services that biodiversity provides to enhance our quality of life at the global and the local level. It is also hoped to demonstrate the high level of skill and expertise necessary to study many aspects of Ireland’s biological diversity.

Ireland’s BioBlitz 2014 will see four heritage sites compete in this year’s event on 23 & 24 May. The four sites offer a variety of habitats and biodiversity interest, which should make for interesting recording. One of the four sites is Howth Head in Dublin.

If you are interested in assisting with the recording or just wish to participate in the programme of events that the Howth Head site will provide on the day, email Maria Walsh at  

Howth Head, Co. Dublin

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