Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Five Lamps Arts Festival

The Five Lamps Arts Festival provides an opportunity for children and adults to enjoy the arts in the North East inner city area of Dublin. The Festival supports the local arts scene and brings a new artists to this part of the City. This year’s festival will take place between March 27th and April 6th and the theme will be “Making Connections”.

There are some interesting looking family and children's events - all free .

On Saturday, 29th March (2pm in the Marino College of Further Education) Professor Plunger will be on - an interactive street show with Professor Plunger, a non-verbal comedy clown show.

On Wednesday, 2nd of April (3pm in Charleville Mall Library), there is an event called Tree Tales. Kids aged 7 plus can hear folktales about trees with music from wooden instruments

Seeking The Village” addresses the experience of raising a family in Direct Provision, the State’s way of keeping asylum seeking families. Artists Áine Ivers and Seoidín O’Sullivan will explore creativity, family and childhood, with a number of public celebratory events for all families. There are three events as part of this.

1) Friday 4th April : 10.30 – 12.00 Art and play for children.
2) Saturday 5th April: 11.30 – 13.00 Skill-share conversations: all welcome, including children.
3) Sunday 6th April: 11.30 – 13.00 Family mealtime: all welcome.

On Saturday, 5th April (3.30pm in Charleville Mall Library) Béirín Beag Buí / Little Yellow Bear will invite 3-7 year olds to watch his film and join him in making cosy beds and teddies to hang on the moon and then bring them home to hang in their bedrooms as a charm for a goodnight’s sleep. The performance will be bi-lingual.

For the third year running, No Strings Theatre Company bring their puppets to the Five Lamps Festival. This year they perform Hansel and Gretel on the 29th March (11.30am) and the 5th April (12pm) in Charleville Mall Library.

On Thursday 3rd April (11am and 1.30pm in Charleville Mall Library), Carnation Theatre present The Merchant of Ennis  - an interactive family show about a shop with puppetry and live music.   

Welcome to the 5 Lamps Arts Festival

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