Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tibradden Wood

As it was such a gorgeous day yesterday we thought we had better make the most of the sun and get a bit of a run around, so we headed off to the Dublin mountains.   

This time we went to Tibradden Wood, which is a lovely walk through the woods and under Zipit's high-wire trail (which incidentally looks fab but kids need to be 7 to do it so we have to wait a while) and then up the hill over granite boulders and wooden pathways to the cairn and kist burial site. The site is a registered National Monument and a burial urn taken from it is housed in the National Museum in Dublin. It is a pity there is no more information about what it is on the sign.  You can go further if you want and link up with Cruagh Woods or Kilmashogue if you want a longer walk.

Pack a picnic and you will be up and down in an hour and a half ish. View are fantastic and kids should love bounding about like mountain goats if they are that way inclined, but if it is windy make sure to wrap up!

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