Monday, 20 May 2013

Welcome to Dublin Munchkins!

With the summer holidays looming on the touchable horizon, I have started scouting for things to do with my gang to keep them occupied. 
I have come across some really cool events, festivals, things to do and places to visit, so I thought I would have a go at trying to share, rather than waste, all that I have learned with  anyone looking for things to occupy mini munchkins in Dublin - the latter being no easy task!
So, I have stepped with trepidation into the land of blogging and tweeting.
If you fancy finding out more, have a look at a few of my posts - maybe they might give you a few ideas. Please excuse the layout.  I just starting putting up a few posts last week and was furiously hitting buttons I am sure I should not have been hitting so who knows what you will see!  

Also you can follow @dublinmunchkins on twitter.  Again first time doing the twitter thang, so excuse me as I get to grips with all of this!


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